The Path of Totality, 2018

15 Minutes

In this short documentary, filmmaker Vuk Dragojevic travels across the United States, tracing the path of the "Great American Eclipse.”


Taxidermy is Goodbye, 2016

13 Minutes

Manuel Jan owns the last working taxidermy shop in Toronto. Blind in one eye, and suffering from chronic vertigo, he continues to prepare and mount animals, while reflecting on his future, his unconventional diet, and his mortality.

“In thirteen minutes, Vuk Dragojevic's Taxidermy is Goodbye takes us into a complete world. At once intimate and universal, wrenching but objective, and gritty but beautiful, it's an example of documentary practice in perfect miniature.”   - Geoff Pevere

Taxidermy is Goodbye
 is also a photo series.

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Do What Makes You Happy, 2018

2 Minutes

On his days off, Freddy makes Apple Boxes — sturdy wooden crates used in photo and film production — out of discarded pieces of plywood. Something that began as a way to reduce waste has slowly turned into a business, supplying photographers and filmmakers around New York City and beyond.