A Few Similar Things by Vuk Dragojevic

Very happy to have my piece I,I,I,I in Calgary's Untitled Contemporary Art: +15 Window Gallery, alongside Liza Eurich.

A Few Similar Things
Vuk Dragojevic + Liza Eurich
Curated by Natasha Chaykowski + Alison Cooley

"A Few Similar Things presents what its title suggests; it comprises four pairings of similar works, made autonomously by different artists. Mounted in vitrine spaces throughout the Arts Commons +15 pedway in Calgary, each installation is a coupling of works that in some way—aesthetically, conceptually, formally—are forthrightly alike."

"Vuk Dragojevic’s short video, I,I,I,I (2013) portrays the unlikely division of a cinderblock into its constitutive parts which, when broken down into quarters, resemble the capital letter “I”. The heterogeneous parts reassemble and dismantle themselves in an infinite loop. Dragojevic’s gesture of material assembly is mirrored in Liza Eurich’s Apart from Coming Apart (2011 & 2017). Eurich’s work distills a single moment in the cycle of dismantling and rebuilding; her sculpture is two cinderblocks held together by the precarious and fragile addition of a thin connective strip of cement. Eurich’s sculpture points to a precarious union, liable to fall apart with the slightest physical provocation. Each of these works traverses a delicate balance between coming together and falling apart, and each despite their brawny material, speaks to the tenuousness of all things."

Exhibition dates: February 6 – March 25, 2017
Closing reception: March 16, 2017

December 25th by Vuk Dragojevic

As the city shuts down on December 25th, Jews head to the Chinese restaurant, and these ex-Yugoslavian families to the beach barbecue at Toronto’s Ash Bridges Bay. This chilly tradition was started by my family and their friends after immigrating to Canada in 1995. What started as an amusing way to spend an afternoon 21 years ago is now an annual tradition amongst the growing group of families who celebrate Orthodox Christmas, which lands two weeks later on January 7th. Volleyball, soccer, and dancing help you stay warm, and the grilled meat and plum brandy ensure you come back the next year.

JAYU's iAM PROJECT by Vuk Dragojevic

Super happy to have participated as a mentor in a series of photography workshops for newcomer youth refugees from Syria, Iraq and more, organized by JAYU. Their work will be on display at JAYU's iAM 2016 Gallery! exhibition – opening on August 27th at Markham House, in Toronto. Come say hello and get yourself a print – all proceeds go to the youth photographers!

See the magic in the making above, put together by the talented Shanik Tanna.